About Us

Van Veen Heritage Garden was established in 2018.  When Kathy Van Veen passed in April 2017, she gave the property to the Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society.  Her intent was that the land continue to be used as a nursery and a place of learning for those interested in Rhododendrons.

The purpose of Van Veen Heritage Garden is:
  • To encourage interest in and the dissemination of information and knowledge about the genus Rhododendron
  • Encourage the study and propagation of rhododendrons
  • Operate a test garden
  • Provide a medium through which all persons interested in the genus may communicate and cooperate with others of like interest through educational and scientific studies, meetings, publications, and similar activities.
Van Veen Heritage Garden will encourage the development of new varieties, and conduct educational activities that promote interest and knowledge in gardening.