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The Van Veen Heritage Garden is a 501(c)3 charity and counts on donations from those interested in its mission and Kathy's dream.  

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To know more about this gem in the heart of its Portland neighborhood click HERE to read about the Van Veen Heritage Garden Story and our dreams for this property.   

Should you wish to donate via check, please make it payable to VVHG and send your donations to:
Van Veen Heritage Garden
P.O. Box 86424
Portland, OR 97286-0424

Should you wish to donate stock, please contact us through our contact form on the main page.

Our 501(c)3 number is: EIN: 82-2476711

Special thanks to those below who want to see Kathy's wish come true!  We are thankful for your generosity.  Donations can be made through our Go Fund Me page or directly to the garden.  We also accept stock donations.  Contact us through the contact page for more information.

Brandon Baker

Dave Banks

Rhoda Bohr

Richard & Karen Cavender

Richard Chaikin

Susan Clack

William Dumont

Richard Fairfield

Donald Graham

Gail Ledbetter

Jeanne Large

Irene Lewis

Ginny Mapes

Marilee Mannen

Steve McCormick

Gerald Nemanishen

Patricia Nigh

Peter Norris

Dennis O’Malley

Don Smart

John Stephens

Marjorie Stewart

Michael Stewart

Angie Stone

Dj Traver

Leah Zagel